Hydraulic cylinders and rotary joints Nambu Co., Ltd. Hydraulic cylinders and rotary joints Nambu Co., Ltd.
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Message from President

Nambu Co., Ltd. was established as Japan's first manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in 1955. Numerous changes later, we have arrived where we are today. Our main products are hydraulic cylinders for molds and rotary joints for the heavy industry; in order to meet our customers' needs, we have developed a great number of products which are highly-valued the world over for their high quality.

In March 2014, for our efforts in the two above-mentioned businesses, we were honored to be chosen as a 100 Global Niche Top Company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is for us an enormous joy to be widely recognized and appreciated in such guise for our management policies.

In May 2015, due to housing land development connected to the internationalization of Haneda airport, our headquaters moved from Ota Ward, which had sustained us for about 40 years, to the Yokohama Industrial Park where we had originally been established. As a base for development and the pursuit of productivity, this is the kind of environment which will allow us to push forward more energetically than ever.

There can be no doubt that the globalization of the market and the progressive vanishing of borders will continue even in the future. Unfortunately our country, Japan, has entered an era of population decline. However, when we turn our eyes to the world, we see countries where population and markets are steadily growing. In this new age, our company is determined to keep up with the growth of the global market by strengthening our global system even more and by continuing to provide quality goods and services to our customers around the world.

Then, moving away from the equation "Manufacturing = Machines and Products," and shifting from being a "Manufacturer" to being a "Consulting company" valued for its advising and proposing power, while continuing to keep products as our core business, we will keep providing "value" to our employees and customers alike.

Takahide Nomura

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