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In the latest world automobile industry, the market in China in particular, will be estimated to expand furthermore. It's evident that China has already become a leading country in the world in terms of the annual selling numbers of automobile by exceeding USA.

Taking into account of China's remarkable developments in the recent years such as improvement of living conditions/environments backed up by growing middle income groups, their market will be considered very potential also in future.

Under such circumstances, we, NAMBU, are pleased to announce our establishment of a local subsidiary in China in order to manufacture and supply the hydraulic cylinders and peripheral instruments as well as we do in Japan and provide cordial service to the Japanese automobile manufacturers and also, related parts makers, mold makers who have already started operations there. Please refer to the following in detail:

Regarding commencement of our operation and business activities, we are planning to make the first shipment at the beginning of 2011.

It goes without saying that all of us including Chinese staff will make every effort to become a practical window trying to cope with usual requirements, technical matters, maintenance related matters and etc., by keeping in close contact with our customers.We sincerely solicit that you will continue to use our products regularly also in China.

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Establishment April 6, 2010
Outline of Business 1. Manufacturing and Sales of Hydralic Core Puller Cylinders Related Parts for Mold
2. Manufacturing and Sales of Related Peripheral Apparatus
3. Cylinder Related Maintenance and Overhaul

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