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Is it possible to change the size of the rod tip?

Answer If being to do H size up to 100mm, it is possible to make long as same price. Of course, it is possible to make short, too. And the shape and the screw size and so on can be changed as per request, too. Please contact our agency or us when you order.

Question How many mm is the manufacturing range of the stroke?
Answer In standard core-puller model and compact core-puller model can be manufactured up to 500 mm at indicated specification sheet. Please contact us separately for more than 500 mm and the other cylinder model.


What color is the standard coat color?

Answer It is Munsell Color System No.2.5G6/2. (Color mark Number S15-542)

Question Is it possible to do a direct order from the foreign countries?

Basically, it is through sales agency near by your area. Please click here for your Agency. In case of the area where there is not an agency, we request you to contact us directly in e-mail or FAX.


Is it possible to do the repair of the cylinder and an overhaul?


It is possible at the NAMBU CYL(Thailand) which is our subsidiary and North American agency Fivestar Hydraulic at USA area. However in the area except it, please contact us separately.

Question Is it possible to change into the heat-resistant specification?
Answer The cylinder, packing, and Limit Switch equipment can be changed into the product which can be used in the place with high temperature. (The packing to apply may be different depending on type of operated hydraulic fluid and temperature range.)

Question Is it possible to change limit switch equipment into the waterproof specification?

The Internal Reed Switch Type and Magnetostrictive Type sensor Cylinder and so on are average and become a waterproof specification ( Fit : IP-67 ), but can make all other products in the waterproof, too.

Question How long is delivery schedule of the cylinder?
Answer The appointed date of delivery of the standard cylinder up to cylinder bore 150 mm is approximately
10 days to 2 weeks based on Ex-factory.
In case of being a *standard product, it is possible to deliver within 1 week as being the shortest as same as based on Ex-factory.
(The stroke of the standard product = Baby compact Type, flangeless Mini compact Type:15 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm)
* Above lead times are sometimes changed according to circumstances without previous notice.

Question Does customer request to obtain the drawing, but can it have?

It presents an External View Drawing. Drawing of the sectional part and the part figure can not be handed over.

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