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Special Cylinders

Please see Features of special cylinders for normal operationg pressure, cylinder bore, max stroke and mounting method.
eco cylinder: Our "eco cylinders" contribute to reduction of CO2 discharge.

SL model (superlock cylinder) eco cylinder

small bore, but needed larger force...
By sealing hydraulic fluid to inside of the cylinder and intensifying pressure, such fluid is compressed. Since loaded in such condition, it's possible to keep position only by cylinders and to hold return distance close to zero without limit. If you use SL model for the mold instead of mechanically locked up to the present, mold structure can be simplified. And in case of keeping position just by cylinders, SL model can make more compact shape than standard cylinders..

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QS model eco cylinder

Cylinder is consisting of 2 cylinders and 2 stages in structure with automatically changing from large diameters to small diameters. During the die-casting performance, it is not always required by high power, if we fulfill first release when pulling cores go out. If yoy use QS model, cycle time can be shortened because this model can pull out large diameters at releasing and automatically changed to small diameters after releasing. Connection method of hydraulic pipes is in the same way as single cylinder. This product can be easily and practically introduced.

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TS model (rotary core puller) eco cylinder

In the die-casting field, draft is always necessary for cores. On the contrary, since TS model rotates rods for pulling out before release, it has made possible to get core draft to zero degree.

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Triple squeeze cylinder

This sonsor converts stroke to 1~5 V of output voltage. And a continuous position tracking is possible. Improvement in accuracy, price and compactness is shown.

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